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Article by Sol Adoni Chairman Page OneTM


March 18th 2011
By SOL ADONI Chairman Page OneTM


In case you haven't noticed, the big new design and the subsequent 'tweaks' at Google were designed to do one thing, KILL ALL LOCAL SEO COMPANIES and force local businesses to buy high rotation PPC (pay per click).

The days of 'organic SEO' for a local company are DEAD, totally irrelevant now to any local company if your clients are local and Google has a map pinned on your industry.

What the 'novice' businessman doesn't understand, is 'first view' on PAGE ONE is where most clicks come from, if you scroll to see your Google listing, you're DEAD, almost no one will call a local business where a surfer has to 'scroll', the reason, not a lot of people look on any given day for a 'local consumer service/product'. So unless you can have your local business Google position in FIRST VIEW you do not get many calls, period.

Having done many national and local companies over the years for SEO, SEM (mostly PPC management) and MAPS, I can assure you, I know what I'm talking about. I have handled local clients with high volume search keywords and local clients with low volume search keywords. And the total for any local business as to how many look any given day for them is minor, not what most would expect. So good responses from Google for local businesses have always depended on first view visibility, which used to be done with organic SEO and high rotation PPC, and a high response web design which for years has meant HD YOUTUBE VIDEOS on the front door. It works. Period. I have clients that often have up to 50% response ratios in some industries, a number UNHEARD OF. Most get at least 10% response ratios. That means 10% to 50% of all viewers RESPOND, so my clients verify I DO THIS for all of them. And the only way you can get these numbers are with HD Video Squeeze Pages, PERIOD!

If you have a high searched local term, for an item people use a lot, ok, you get a decent amount of impressions on Google even locally, but if your impressions are not FIRST VIEW, forget about it. The trickle down on local clicks to anyone not in first view is almost zero, very little amount of clicks. Only on national and global terms with millions of searches a month does position outside of first view mean anything. PERIOD. I make the PHONE RING for many clients in many industries, I KNOW THE REAL NUMBERS, I see them every day.

Before the big Google new redesign occurred, that was geared towards what, LOCAL MAPS and LOCAL LISTINGS, a good local or even national SEO company that did local SEO work, could land a client in first view with organic spots for most local listings.

Before the redesign, If you obtained a top organic spot, there wasn't a major 'need' for local SEM/PPC then. Even though most of my clients have always had high rotation PPC at reduced rates that I am able to get for my clients.

The redesign of Google has pushed most high value CPC (cost per click) organic sites off first view, and the reason is LOCAL MAPS or 'places' is now the preferred showing on most HIGH VALUE CPC terms especially for local professionals and doctors.

Google simply wants the viewer experience to be one where most sites that get any clicks are now PAYING for the traffic, it's that simple.

Search for a major city with a high CPC term like say INJURY LAWYER, the clicks on these top rotation ads often cost near $100.00 in major markets.


Top rotation PPC ads first 3 left spots and 2 on a smart phone. Then maybe 2 'maps' or 'places' listings. Most are PPC buyers now in those spots. And two lame right side PPC ads under the big new Google map that wiped out most inexpensive PPC right side spots.

And this is the 'new Google look' that will eventually be how any local map relevant local keyword will look.

So let's see now, who do users of Google now see on first view page one for a high value click keyword?

Top 5 rotation of PPC or pay per click. And a couple of maps USUALLY going to high budget PPC clients.

So where does 'organic SEO' show?



So how does a 'local business' now get business from Google users?

Easy YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL SEM MANAGEMENT COMPANY, you pay them a nice sum to manage your ads and to create HIGH RESPONSE content Google wants on sites now (they own YOUTUBE so a quality YOUTUBE video will make Google push your site on PPC over a site that doesn't spend money PRODUCING quality YOUTUBE videos. If you have a high end SEM guru, he knows how to buy multiple PPC spots for a client, if this is done wrong YOU GET BANNED FOR LIFE, if it is done right, a local company can now literally BUY almost all of page one PPC first view ads. But only a few SEM companies can do this correctly without the wrath of Google banning you.

If your SEM management company that is one of the rare ones that understands map, you can move a local map into first view, but without a top budget in that market, why should Google prefer your map over a client that PAYS THEM?

So Google has shown the 'future' of Google for local businessmen.

It's no longer is your listing on page one, first view has always been relevant, not just page one, but first view of page one, and that section of Google is reserved now on high valued CPC keywords for PAYING CLIENTS only.

Now if you really can't stomach giving the biggest company in the world MONEY to show your local companies shingle on Google, well look around, are you a lawyer, how many are in your town? There's basically now 10 or 11 PPC spots open on page one and the top 3 left are all that work for a low searched term like THIS CITY ACCIDENT LAWYER or PLASTIC SURGEON.

So now the game is, WOW can I really have multiple PPC ads in first view? Yes you can, but if you do it wrong, it's black hat SEM, not black hat SEO. A business must meet certain requirements to qualify to run multiple PPC ads in a local market, and many local businesses do qualify, but SEM managers if they KNOW THIS make over 250K a year working for big companies. The guys you can hire locally for almost nothing, they will get you BANNED FOR LIFE if you tell them you want multiple PPC ads in first view.

They just don't know how to do it.

Also, maps the long ignored orphan child of Google is now the star of Google for local businesses. A new map listing looks like old organic listings. So only a few SEO/SEM/PPC companies know how to even do maps properly.

And I can prove to anyone Google associates maps to PPC budgets.

When the big Google redesign happened, most local SEO companies folded over night. Me, my clients almost all became the number one MAP on first view over night.

Why did my clients all jump to top of first view for 'maps'?

They all have PPC budgets and a few other things.

So unlike the rest of the SEO crowd that are still talking about blogs and farm links and all the crap that never really worked anyway. Google has changed the rules. It's what I'm telling you and anyone can LOOK at any major city with a high buck CPC term and see, yeah it's REAL!

If you are a local business especially a lawyer or doctor, they show only 5 PPC ads now in first view so you must be a high rotation account now to have any visibility, that means your avg. pos. (average position of a PPC ad) must be running under 4.0 now. Google will associate a map done correctly to a nice budget PPC account now.

Google can deny this all they want, just look at the first view especially for professionals like lawyers now in your city.

Who do you see?

High rotation PPC buyers ONLY in top 5 spots, 3 on left and 2 on right side under maps.

The couple of maps you see are usually PPC buyers in that market, not always, but MOST OF THE TIME.

So the new Google is.

Fire your SEO guy, hire a top level SEM management company that specializes in well produced YOUTUBE CONTENT and make sure you SEM management team can hit page one for a map.

Where does 'organic SEO' come in for a local professional company now?


If you have multiple PPC ads done within the parameters SET BY GOOGLE for it, and if you have well produced YOUTUBE video content on the front door that gets a high response ratio, and if you have a SEM guru that can do maps. The end result is, even on low volume searched for terms, YOUR PHONE WILL RING, but it's not cheap anymore. Google gets up to 100.00 and more PER CLICK now for some major professional legal terms and nice rates for medical terms and even decent rates for local blue collar stuff like tires, towing and mechanics.

A professional SEM manager will charge you usually a % of the total monthly budget with Google with a MINIMUM for him/her to spend their valuable time with your company. If he or she is good, remember they can land a $250,000 PER YEAR JOB easily now, since SEM gurus are the most in demand guys in an IT department now. Yes, SEO Gurus still get top dollar, but it's for national or global serp's that have NO MAPS, if a Google listing is not first view, it's really pretty much irrelevant for a local company.

PAGE ONE now rarely takes on any new clients outside of a few niches, legal, medical, real estate, automotive and a few others are all we do now. The reason, most small businesses cannot afford to pay Google and a SEM management company. So be careful before you hire a SEM company. Ask their clients how they are. See if they have any #1 map positions for their clients. See if they have clients using HD well produced YOUTUBE TUBE VIDEOS.

Very few companies will qualify if you know what to look for in a SEM-PPC/Map-SEO/Video-Production company.

One last thing, the top local companies that dominate page one first view in the future of Google, will almost all have LOCAL GEO KEYWORDS and some will be on subdomains for the main keyword in their industry. Examples



Google has always favored EXACT MATCH domains in organic and in everything they do. So the easiest way for a local business or professional now to dominate Google, is be on the GEO keyword as I've shown above. Unless you branded your local business name with millions in local ads, NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR YOUR BUSINESS NAME. They look for GEO and then KEYWORD.

GEO Injury Lawyer

GEO Plastic Surgeon

GEO Dentist

GEO Mechanic

GEO Tires

Being able to buy PPC for such keywords and send the user to a domain using the search term is how you get high QS ratings and lower your PPC costs and move into first view of PPC and eventually maps.

So if your phone used to ring from your old position on top of Google, well it stopped recently didn't it. Now you know why.

Call your local SEO company, see if the phone still works.It's properly disconnected. And the reason is:


The future is even worse for local companies as mobile devies will soon be over 50% of search traffic for local search. Just look at any professional term and you see how only 2 or 3 PPC ADS show for laweyers and doctors. If you are not one of those top PPC ads on an EMD you will see nothing in volume from Google Local Search.


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